January 5


The link below provides ideas of activities when the Nursery is closed:

Suggested Activities 2020


In Gorebridge Nursery Class the children get the opportunity to play and learn.

There are many different activities that the children can enjoy taking part in such as sand, water, reading, writing, baking, making play dough, house corner and playing outside. We encourage the children to take in a bit of fresh air each day and the children are also given a healthy nutritious snack whilst at nursery.


This Term in Nursery we are learning lots about numbers and counting and we had lots of parents come to our B.O.A.T.S. day and enjoyed all of our counting activities!!

We always love spending time reading and we like tasting new foods, trying all sorts of different fruits and lots of other healthy snacks!

Watch out for some photos to show what else we’ve been up to…..