Head Teacher – Mr S Wood

                                                       Deputy Head Teacher – Mrs J Binnie


Class Teacher:

  • P1A                Mrs Sture
  • P1P                Mrs Provan
  • P1/2S            Miss Smith
  • P2D               Miss Dodds
  • P3M              Mr McLean
  • P3/4              Mrs Mrs Stewart & Mrs Hobson (cover)
  • P4H/M         Ms Meier & Mrs Hinks
  • P5L                Miss Landells
  • P5M               Miss McConnell
  • P6H               Miss Hunter
  • P6P                Mrs Penman
  • P6/7 G/P      Mrs Gowans & Mrs Paton
  • P7K                Mrs Kapturska
  • Support for Learning Teacher:
    Mrs Hobson & Mrs Paton
  •                                NQT Support  Mrs Meikle

Nursery Staff:

  •                                Mrs Burns-Clark                   Senior CCDW
  • Mrs Paul                                  CCDW
  • Mrs Martin                             CCDW
  • Miss Morris                            CCDW
  •                                Miss Michelle Sclater           CCDW
  •                                Mrs Elsa Ness                        CCDW
  •                                Mrs Ann Cook                        CCDW
  •                                Miss Carlene Rae                   Modern Apprentice
  •                               Miss Elaine White                  Modern Apprentice

Home School Practitioner:

  •                              Miss Ferguson


Learning Assistants:

  • Mrs Millr
  • Mrs Patterson
  • Mrs Smith
  • Mrs Johansson
  • Miss Gavin
  •                                Miss Mees
  •                                Mrs Cunningham
  •                                 Mr O’Brien

School Office Staff:

  •                               Miss Lockhart
  •                               Mrs Wynne

Dining Hall Supervisor:

  • Mr Seath
  • Mrs Crawford

Visiting Specialists:

  •                               Music – Mrs McEvoy, Mr Fernie, Miss Docherty
  •                               Drama – Ms Aird
  •                               P.E – Mrs Tait


  •                            Mr Donaghy

Our classes are supported by our Learning Assistants and Childcare Development Workers in the Nursery too.

We are very fortunate to have teachers from Newbattle High School who visit each week to teach us specific subjects like PE & Drama. We also have a number of music teachers and benefit from Modern Language teachers who lead lessons for our senior pupils.